Billar Pool 8 y 9 Ball on line 4.3

Play pool with different felts, themes, and layouts to choose from

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    on line 4.3

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    Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000

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    7.3 (144)

To play fun pool, with the chance to make real money, download this free billiards game.

Do you enjoy playing pool? This freeware title lets you recreate pool-hall excitement on your PC.

You can play this game for fun or for profit!

Billar Pool 8 y 9 Ball is Spanish for "Billiards Eight and Nine Ball Pool," and those are precisely the two games you can play with this software. Though the game only offers two pool games, those most-popular games are played by billiards aficionados around the world!

This great game offers you the potential to challenge yourself against such an expert player on a virtual pool table. If you want to play opponents from "near and far," this is your online pool game!

Though its default language is Spanish, you can play this game in 17 languages. Play in your native language, or "freshen up" on the language you took in high school, with Billar Pool 8 y 9 Ball.

With Billar Pool, you can play for fun or play for money. The game's "true-to-life"

pool-shot characteristics let you reliably play against your buddies or try your hand at being an online-pool hustler.

If you choose to play this game for money, always play responsibly!

For pool-hall fun on your computer, download Billar Pool 8 y 9 Ball now!


  • Play pool online against people from worldwide with Billar Pool 8 y 9 Ball.
  • This free game helps you learn the physics related to playing pool.
  • You can play this game for fun or money!


  • Virtual pool is simply not as fun as real pool!
  • People with addictive personalities who cannot play for-money pool responsibly should avoid this game.

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